For over 40 years, we have believed in your rights. We manage any kind of accident, injury or damaging event, without advance expenses, guaranteeing you reliable legal protection and a medical examiner to help you obtain fair compensation.
Road traffic accident
The limitation period of a road traffic accident, from the date on which the event occurred, is two years (article 2947, 2 civil code).
Being involved in a road traffic accident is always traumatic. Physical trauma, first of all, with related medical expenses to be paid, psychological and moral trauma with anxiety and difficulty in repairing the car, without counting the time wasted with insurance companies trying in vain to assert your rights without getting any answers.
Unfortunately, at the most important moment, that of compensation for a road traffic accident, insurance companies always try to pay less than should be due. The solution is always the same: get protection from reliable professionals, who have been fighting for years to make sure their clients rights are acknowledged.
The best possible compensation for – physical, material and moral – damages is guaranteed by the skill of our specialists who have been working in the sector of assistance in case of road traffic accidents for over forty years.
Medical examiners, lawyers, kinematic experts and advocates will be at your service. A fully-comprehensive service in the RCA sector.
No advance payment. The client will only pay the percentage agreed on signing the contract when the claim has been successfully processed. Aiss, in case of failure to obtain compensation, will bear any expenses which are generally always borne by the claimant, therefore taking on the obligation to obtain a result.
Making fair compensation possible is our target; the number of claims processed successfully every year is our guarantee.
Accident at work
In case of an accident at work, the worker must immediately inform his employer of the accident, he must then be sent straight to the Emergency Room.
Following examination, the Emergency Room issues a first medical certificated which must be sent to the employer by the worker.
In the event of a prognosis of over 3 days, in addition to the day the accident occurred, it is mandatory for the employer to electronically present the accident at work report form to the INAIL (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work).
Once the Inail accident report has been presented online, the injured worker, two or three days before the expiry of the prognosis shown on the emergency room medical certificate, must go for a medical examination at the Inail surgeries.
Following the medical examination, the institute will arrange a new appointment if the injury is ongoing and issue an Inail medical certificate to be handed in to the employer or close the injury with a definitive closure certificate to be handed in to the company in order to start back at work.
Unfortunately, accidents at work or on the journey to or from work are becoming increasingly frequent, and all too often the injured worker finds him/herself having to deal with establishments which are too large for him to ensure his rights are respected (Inail, Spisal, Assicurazioni Rc).
Nowadays it is of primary importance to be protected 100% against any type of damage suffered, so that the result will be fair compensation.
Usually, Inail is liable for the basic items of losses, following the strict laws in force in this regard, with moderate protection activated when the accident is reported.
Unfortunately Inail only recognises compensation to those suffering damages which lead to permanent disability greater than 6%, while in case of the 15% threshold being exceeded an annuity is recognised for an amount which varies from case to case.
If you contact us, we will protect you so that all damages suffered which Inail does not recognise (defined “DIFFERENTIAL DAMAGES”) are paid by the employer’s insurance. The Differential Damages include a further biological injury, loss of professional opportunities, financial damage, moral damage, damage to quality of life and other items which may be counted.
Only by enlisting the help of reliable professionals working to assert all your rights, will you finally be able to say you are satisfied with the compensation obtained.
Do not leave anything to chance.
Assistance in case of serious injuries
When life puts a strain on us, it’s essential to rely on a skilled firm, because to get justice requires moral and professional soundness, strength, experience and perfect knowledge of the law.
Dealing with certain nasty situations is never straightforward, let alone quantifying them. Let this be clear: an accident with serious injuries will never be suitably compensated, in fact, even the highest economic amount obtained will not lessen the pain experienced.
Macro-permanent disabilities are those kinds of disabilities which cause the greatest biological damage, i.e. they exceed 9% of psycho-physical disability. The term generally refers to damage which may considerably worsen the quality of life of the sufferer.
To obtain compensation for serious accidents it is necessary to rely on reliable professionals who can protect you 100% guaranteeing that no damage is under-quantified, from the percentage of temporary disability to moral damage, financial damage and incapacity for work.
For over 40 years, we have believed in your rights. We manage any kind of accident, injury or damaging event, without advance expenses, guaranteeing you reliable legal protection and a medical examiner to help you obtain fair compensation.
Accident Assistance.
Road Traffic Accidents
Since 1972, over forty years’ experience, more than 30.000 claims processed.
For this reason if you have been the victim of a road traffic accident, a fatal accident, an accident at work, or damage to health, by contacting us you will be sure to get maximum compensation as quickly as possible.
We will allow you to dedicate your time to the recovery process, getting your life back, because you will be safe in the knowledge that we will be dealing with your compensation.
Our firm
The fundamental characteristic of our department is the specialization in management of fatal injuries or injuries causing serious permanent disability, where thanks to our group of medical examiners, lawyers and experts we are able to obtain the maximum result both for the injured party and for their family.
Over forty years of incessant activity in the injury sector mean that AISS is a firm made up of top level professionals, always striving to improve their skills in a sector where you can never let your guard down or be found wanting

For this reason, if you are a victim of a road accident, a deadly accident, an accident at work, or a health hazard, contact us, you will be sure to get the maximum compensation as fast as possible.
will allow you to devote yourself to your care path, taking your life in hand, because you will know that we are thinking of your compensation.

Much more than accident coverage
Whether it be road traffic accidents, professional medical liability or legal protection of any kind, we always guarantee our clients these 8 points which have distinguished us for years:
Fair compensation
Maximised so that you can obtain everything you are legally entitled to, quantifying any damages suffered, including permanent disability and temporary disability (non-financial damages), moral damages, financial damages, damages due to incapacity to work, loss of earnings and any other damages.
No worries and quick solutions
The extrajudicial procedures will be accelerated, without waiting for the lengthy bureaucratic insurance process. In fact, your only concern will be to notify the insurance company of the accident which has occurred, we will deal with all the rest, taking the burden of bureaucracy and any difficulties which may come up off of you.
Medical examiner assessment
In the aftermath of the accident, you will be called on by a medical examiner who will draw up an accurate report. We rely exclusively on highly skilled Medical Examiners who are specialized in the accident sector, in order to be able to quantify the damages suffered in the best possible way without margins of error, so that the compensation claim is always up to standard.
Our consultancy is always free
Whether it be by visiting one of our agencies, by phone or by email, do not hesitate to contact us! Our professionals are at your complete disposal even for simple clarifications on accident related matters. You often face situations where you don’t think you are entitled to compensation, but this is not the case.
No advance expenses
No handling, legal or medical fees will be requested until the claim has been completed. Thanks to our support and that of our contracted Medical Centres, you can focus solely on getting better, placing yourself in the hands of skilled professionals to achieve clinical recovery without any burdens.
Kinematic reconstruction
Our experts are able to come into possession of the report by the authorities who attended the scene of the accident, moreover, they offer the possibility of reconstructing the dynamics of the accident and reproducing, by means of Virtual Crash software, how the damaging event occurred with a 3D film. This, in case of contrasting dynamics, will no doubt help AISS to obtain fair compensation.
Mandatory result
If you are to blame for the accident, or for some reason you are not entitled to compensation, you will owe us nothing. In any case our fee will only be a small percentage of the capital paid by the insurance company and it will be paid us only when the claim has been successfully completed!
Geographical presence
If you cannot move because of serious injury or for personal reasons, by appointment one of our professionals will come to your home. This also applies for collecting police reports or medical records, our facility will take care of everything on your behalf.
Health is priority
All our clients are assisted in a fully comprehensive way, thanks to specialist examinations, orthopaedic examinations, diagnostic assessments (X-ray, MRI, CAT Scan, ENT etc. (, physiotherapy and rehabilitation at the best cutting-edge Surgeries and Medical Centres; all to guarantee you a swift recovery accompanied by reliable medical certification.
Request free consultancy
When life puts a strain on us, it’s important to rely on a skilled firm, because to obtain justice requires moral and professional soundness, strength, experience and perfect knowledge of the law. If you cannot move because of serious injury or for personal reasons, by appointment one of our professionals will come to your home.
For any request for assistance regarding Road Traffic Accidents or Accidents in general, fill in the fields of the form at the side to have further information about compensation and actions to undertake. A member of our staff will deal with answering your inquiry within 24 hrs. Or contact us by phone.
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